John Rokosny

Producer / Director

John Rokosny is an Award Winning Producer and Director with over 25 years of extensive and varied media experience.  John has won the Communications Award, Multiple Telly Awards, the Insight Award, the Prism Award, and the Teacher’s Choice Awards.  John’s films have been screened at Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden for a concert for Hurricane Katrina victims, at the Star Wars NYC premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater, and many other fundraising gala events.  John has produced a TV series called Quiet Triumphs with Mary Alice Williams (92 episodes), feature documentaries for ESPN and the Bravo Network, fundraising films and national TV campaigns for many charities.

Andriette Redmann

Producer / Composer / Voice-over

Andriette Redmann is a multi-talented producer. She does many voice-overs including Seventh Generation, The Smithereens and BritishMania music promos, Head Over Heels and Pills theatical trailers, American Dreamer TV pilot, and music production for New York MVP soundtracks.  She writes many of the scripts for the company, and keeps John in-line when he gets crazy! Andriette also is a fearless field camera and audio person having ‘made her bones’ documenting the post Hurricane Katrina Gulf Coast, and Bruce Springsteen in the ESPN documentary “7th Inning Stretch”. She is a gifted singer-songwriter with her musical group Sun Palace.

Rie Ito



Rie Ito is a creative and talented film and television editor. Rie graduated from The City College of New York where she studied film making.  At CCNY, Rie directed the film “Naked Dolls” and won the award for Best Experimental Short. She has edited many projects with NewYorkMVP including Seventh Generation, ChexMix, Denihan Hotels and the Siemens Foundation. 

Tasha Jakush

Writer / Voice-over

Tasha Jakush is a writer, voice-over artist, and the host of our new TV series ‘I Love My Job!” Tasha graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with BA in Literature and a minor in Education. She writes and edits scripts for NewYorkMVP. She is also a gifted poet who loves yoga and skim- boarding.  Tasha has just completed her first book of poetry called, “A Thousand Titles In My Head”. 

Mira Steinzor


Director of Photography / Videographer

Mira Steinzor is a New York-based videographer and still photographer. Mira earned her BFA in Film and Video from The City College of the City University of New York. In addition to her film work, Mira enjoys taking polaroid photos as a hobby. She owns a 16mm bolex and the Canon 7D, as well as a collection of other analog cameras.

Ron Shaffer

Video Editor / Audio Mixer

Ron Shaffer is seasoned Audio Recording and Mix Engineer with over 18 years of experience including, mixing several top 10 Billboard R&B hits and earning 7 Platinum and 6 Gold Records. In 1996 and 2000 Ron played a key role in artists Gerald & Eddie Levert and Joe receiving Grammy Nominations. In 2006, Ron added to his skill set a Certificate in Video Editing from New York University’s SCPS Video Editing Program.  Since 1998 Ron has operated his own Recording studio using Pro Tools and has subsequently added Final Cut Pro Studio and Adobe After Effects for Video Editing, DVD Authoring and Motion Graphics.

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