Current Projects

2016: Music!

We just produced The Smithereens "Especially For You" 30th Anniversary Stage-Film - currently being screened behind the band during the 2016 concerts. We just finished a new 2016 promo for the Internationally praised Beatles Tribute Band, BritishMania. Lots of other music videos in the works, including Avon Faire. More to come!

2015: Great Music Stars, General Mills, General Society, Student Sponsor Partners, The Red Hat, a Children's Opera, and a Documentary about Holocaust survivors.

We recently had the pleasure of filming some great music artists - Suzanne Vega, Southside Johnny, The Hooters, Garland Jefferys, James Maddock, The Smithereens and Marshall Crenshaw at Pat DiNizio's Birthday Bash. In October, we produced a six-part video series for Student Sponsor Partners. This summer brought us to England for the Avon Faire tour - we filmed the entire event. We are producing a fundraising film for the General Society.

This year started out with some very touching stories. We recently interviewed survivors of the Holocaust as part of a feature length documentary that will be a companion piece to the animated film,"The Red Hat". This is an amazing story of courage and survival. We also filmed a father and daughter team, Jen & Jay Jacobs, who were a part of the 'Biggest Loser' TV series for General Mills. Also, we filmed a Children's Opera in Paterson, NJ written by Dr. Diana Kaufman. And just about every Tuesday you can find us filming the lecture series at the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen in Midtown Manhattan. Our musical ventures took us to Joe's Pub, where Avon Faire sang backgrounds with Legendary Irish singer, Pierce Turner.

2014: Travelling Animal Doctors, The General Society, an Animated film, Starwood and Denihan Hotels

We are currently producing a one-hour pilot episode for a series called "Travelling Animal Doctors" about a couple from the Netherlands who bring veterinary care to remote parts of the world - they are very inspiring people. The pilot episode takes place in the Galapagos Islands and the Soundtrack is wall-to-wall Sun Palace music. We are in pre-production with an animated film (a first for us) called "The Red Hat", a true story of a young girls escape from Nazi camps in Poland during World War II. We continue to work with Fred Francis, producing media training classes for Starwood Hotels and Denihan Hospitality Group.

We are also continuing with the lecture series at The General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen. On Valentines Day, we filmed for the Westminster Dog Show and the Affinia Hotel - lots of interesting dogs everywhere!

2013: Seventh Generation! Music Promos! The Hotel Business! The Beatles and Bella!

Our latest project is a fundraising film for the Bella Pet Insurance Fund. Led by Patty Potter and narrated be her daughter Autumn, the film should be ready for distribution later this fall. We are also working with the General Society - Victoria Dengel, Jean Wiart and Karin Taylor for their Artisan Lecture Series - wonderful work.

We completed 3 web commercials for Seventh Generation and their new product - Boosts Facial Oils. After an exciting location shoot in Vermont, we put the finishing touches back here in NYC. We have been working for Boom Broadcast on this project (and many others in the past) - they are great ! We continue our journey in music by producing several promos for The Smithereens and a Beatles show band called BritishMania. For the Smithereens, we had the pleasure of interviewing Andy White, the original session drummer for the Beatles's first single! Wow, that was cool. We also interviewed Q104.3 Legendary DJ Ken Dashow, WFUV DJ Darren DeVivo, Mark Lapedus and Beatle Tommy! We continued our work with NBC correspondent Fred Francis, participating in Media Training for Starwood Hotels and Affinia Hotels. It's very interesting work. Fred is a true professional and we learn a lot from him. We are also working with the Denihan Hospitality Group, producing several films for their 50th Anniversary. Many generations of Denihans and they're all nice! Our music video work for Irish singer songwriter Pierce Turner brought us to the home of Philip Glass for Pierce's song "Yogi With A Broken Heart". We recently filmed a duet of Pierce and Peter Seeger - way cool! We created a video for my brother, Jim Rokosny and his great work for environmental awareness at the Bridgewater Eco Blast - twas a blast!

2012 and 2011 were the years of the music video!

We finished working with a brand new group called 'The Alan Wauters Alliance', producing several music videos for their upcoming debut record. Our good friends, The Smithereens, brought NewYorkMVP on-board to create videos for the first two singles, "Sorry" and "One Look At You", from their new 'Smithereens 2011' album. But it started with a trailer for a musical called "Pills", (which features my older brother, Charles Rokosny, Jr. on drums and percussion). And now we're in pre-production with music videos for two new artists. Stay tuned for more information about our new production - a Las Vegas show!

In the Spring of 2011, we created a film for The Children's Health Fund 2011 gala. It was a great night, that featured Bette Midler and Paul Simon singing "The Boxer" together - wow!
At the beginning of summer, we produced a short film for Ronald McDonald House Charities, which will be screened at their Awards of Excellence gala.

Our TV Pilot, "World of Good", is still in production. We hope to have that ready for distribution very soon!

In 2010, we directed a web commercial for AXE featuring Olivia Munn. We filmed in San Francisco and there was even a mime on set!

We are currently producing a film for the Paul Jackson Fund. It's been an incredibly moving experience. Paul has left behind an incredible legacy of great work.

Guess what? Sparky Lyle is hilarious! We filmed him for a PSA for Lupus Foundation of NJ. We also had a lot of laughs with Martina McBride, while directing her for a Cheerios web commercial. I shared with her some funny celebrity stories.

NewYorkMVP produced a TV spot for Western Union featuring Wyclef Jean and the music of Sun Palace for African Televison. We also created a video montage for the Times Square JumboTron for the Siemens Foundation. We produced a short film for the Children's Health Fund 2010 Gala. The Children's Health Fund was founded by Paul Simon and Dr. Irwin Redlener. In 2009, we also completed a film for Nets For Life Africa, who have recently announced the distribution of 7 million mosquito nets to fight Malaria. And we are happy to announce the release of a brand new Sun Palace CD, "Designed To Fly".

About Us

NewYorkMVP is an award winning production company, creating effective, entertaining and educational media. We produce Fundraising Films, PSAs for TV & Radio, Documentaries, TV Series, B-Roll Packages, and Educational Videos for Corporations & Charities. We work with you from concept to delivery, and can handle every step of your production. Our goal is to create a positive environment and work towards the success of your project.

Past Experience

In 2009, we had the privilege of working with TV star Patrick Dempsey from Gray's Anatomy on a Cancer Awareness PSA Campaign. He was a gentleman and hilarious on the set! In the fall of 2008, we produced a new TV Campaign for Ronald McDonald House Charities. This year's PSA's featured Cindy Crawford, Billy Bush, Ne-Yo and Dayanara Torres. We filmed in Los Angeles and finished the editing back in New York City. Also, in the fall of 2008, Andriette and John went back to the Gulf Coast, this time to film the devastation of Hurricane Ike in Galveston, TX for the Children's Health Fund. Like the work after Hurricane Katrina, this was an emotional experience. Also, this fall, we worked with the Randall's Island Sports Foundation. We produced a Gala film that was screened at the Plaza Hotel. In attendance was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

We are looking at 2009 with the same vision and mission as we always have. “We want to continue our work of producing educational and entertaining programs on a large scale. The last few years have been very fulfilling; we had a film screened at Madison Square Garden during the “Big Apple to the Big Easy” concert, another screened at the premiere of Star Wars III and we produced a documentary on ESPN featuring Bruce Springsteen. Now we are looking to broaden our audience – reach more people and spread the idea of charity“, says producer John Rokosny.

2007 was an interesting year for New York MVP - the company received two TELLY AWARDS for the film “Every Child Matters,” a fundraising video for the Children’s Health Fund, a charity founded by Paul Simon. Rokosny and his partner, Andriette Redmann, traveled with CHF and Mr. Simon to the Gulf Coast and documented the medical relief effort in Louisiana and Mississippi. “The people of the Gulf are some of the most caring we’ve ever met. They have been through an incredible tragedy and they face it with optimism,” says Redmann.

Working with charities is nothing new for New York MVP. In fact, most of its 15-year history has been spent producing National Public Service Advertisements with celebrites. “In the past few years, we worked with Patrick Dempsey for a cancer awareness campaign, Troy Aikman and Marcia Cross for migraine headache PSAs, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, for both Ronald McDonald’s House Charities and the American Cancer Society, Venus and Serena Williams, along with Justin Timberlake for Ronald McDonald House.”

“The charities are great, we’ve also enjoyed working in the corporate world. We’ve worked for Valvoline, Kwikset, ADT, Atkins, Wells Fargo, Lee Jeans, Korbel, Pfizer, Pharmacia, DiGene, Weight Watchers and McDonalds.”

“The corporate world and the nonprofit world have a potentially beautiful relationship in my mind. I think that every business could have a charity attached to it. You know how you see a corporate sponsor logo on everything? Charities and their logos and websites could be linked with various companies and their products. That would be cool and would help a lot of causes to raise money and awareness! “ says John Rokosny.

Rokosny got his experience working for Doug Wyles Productions, starting out as a PA and working his way up to Senior Producer. “I learned everything from Doug. He taught me about production, the power of celebrities, the importance of charities. We worked with just about every charity and every celebrity it seemed! I owe it all to him.” It was there John produced 92 episodes of Quiet Triumphs for the Hallmark Network (guests included Tom Brokaw, Neil Simon, Morgan Fairchild and Alec Baldwin), a Christmas Special for NBC called “Story Barn” with Felicia Rashad, and hundreds of Public Service Announcements.

After leaving Doug Wyles, John went on to produce a documentary called "The Last Poets" which aired in February for Black History Month on BRAVO.

“We’re looking forward to working on some interesting new projects and meeting new people, which is our favorite part!” Says Rokosny.

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